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Reaching new horizons.

Leaders in official distribution for the Iberian Peninsula and LATAM.

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Reaching new horizons

Leaders in official distribution for the Iberian Peninsula and LATAM


Transformation is necessary to move forward PANOTEC, the market leader in PACKAGING ON DEMAND Panotec is the first patent and the first machine for the production of custom boxes. Panotec works with a know-how that represents the spirit of Italian engineering and is renowned all over the world for its precision mechanics and very high […]


EVO EVO is a machine for the production of cardboard boxes, which, thanks to its innovative system, produces a perfect quality packaging, guaranteeing profitability and profitability in any distribution activity that is carried out. Its objective is to reduce and facilitate maintenance tasks by considerably reducing operating noise and lowering the volume, thus achieving a […]


E-GLUER E-GLUER It is the ideal machine for gluing small and medium size American boxes with Holt Melt glue.The user inserts the already folded box directly into the machine where the flap is glued directly on the sides of the inside of the box. Request more information! FEATURES VIDEO TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Recommended for the […]


DI-POD It is a modular system for high resolution printing of the outer surface of the box. Request more information! FEATURES VIDEO TECHNICAL DATA SHEET DI-POD is a modular system for high-resolution printing of the outer surface of the box. It is perfectly integrated with a machine for box production: the customer can thus produce […]


CONTACT US Our Gaor TM team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or information you may need. We will be happy to help you in any way we can. You can send us an email to the address provided here and explain your query. We will respond as soon as possible. You can […]


Quality and Efficiency We have the right product to provide a solution to any need that arises, and we can obtain any type of material that is necessary in an efficient and immediate manner. We work with brands that guarantee quality, efficiency, and availability of the required consumables. Request more information!


ASSISTANCE SERVICE Our team with extensive experience in the industry will be ready to assist you, being as efficient and effective as possible. We will advise you and help you find the most suitable solution. We are available for any questions that may arise, demonstrating our commitment to the needs of each customer, offering our […]


3EVOSCAN It is an extremely flexible system for measuring products with irregular shapes. It can be integrated into the packaging line or used as a standalone unit since it has loading and unloading stations. Connected via an Ethernet cable to Panotec packaging machines, it measures the dimensions of the product to be packed and sends […]

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Box die-cutting machines. Do you want the best and most effective distribution for your product? At PANOTEC, we have the current solution for packaging any product, backed by 30 years of experience, achieving effective distribution profitability. Our main goal is to provide greater innovation to the packaging system to achieve economic and environmental sustainability in […]