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EVO is a machine for the production of cardboard boxes, which, thanks to its innovative system, produces a perfect quality packaging, guaranteeing profitability and profitability in any distribution activity that is carried out.

Its objective is to reduce and facilitate maintenance tasks by considerably reducing operating noise and lowering the volume, thus achieving a more compact machine.




  • EVO is characterized by one transverse unit and up to 12 longitudinal units. Each unit can have different types of tools and is set up automatically.
  • The Transverse Unit is divided into Slot Cutting, Standard Creasing, Standard Creasing, Standard Creasing and with drilling.
  • The Longitudinal Unit; Pressure Cutting, Standard Creasing, Standard Creasing with perforation.
  • EVO also has 3 types of feeding systems. Thanks to the automatic selector Evo Compact selects the most suitable type of board and thus makes the board consumption profitable.
  • Simple; it works with a single board sheet (f), with a single continuous board format (1cl) or with two. Board size; max; 2500mm, min; 480mm.
    Multiple; Two different Fanfold modules together. With this method 2 or 3 carton modules can be used and work together side by side.
    Automatic Selector (2 to 4 levels) With this system, Evo can perform 2 to 6 movements for cardboard storage. Each movement can store 2 fanfold modules side by side, thus doubling the remaining number of modules (max.12).
    Taking into account these optional elements, in addition to the standard creasing, it can perform creasing with perforation, making the cardboard folding easier and more practical, thus achieving perfect boxes.

EVO – the high performance machine for the production of tailor-made boxes



Working width: 2.5

Type of productivity; medium/high

Particular types of cartons: ideal for simple cartons or cartons with few elaborations

Cardboard feeding speed: 45m / min

Single carton feeding: Fanfold/sheets

Cardboard magazine feeding: up to 4 modules

Number of longitudinal units; From 1 to 12

Creasing: Standard with perforation

Management of scraps extraction: Available

Cardboard thickness: From 2 to 7 mm

Minimum length of open box produced: 420 mm

Power: 3-4 kW

Power supply: 400V / 50Hz (European) – 480V / 60Hz (USA)

Compressed air: min 6-7 bar (max consumption 115 Nl/min)

Software: Boxlink PRO 2.

Hardware: Schneider

BoxDesigner™ software: Available