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FLEXOGLUER Gluing Station for American Boxes. The Flexogluer station allows the assisted gluing of American boxes, and allows the block alignment of the box and an automatic cycle of Hot-Melt glue supply and gluing pressure, all automatically adjustable according to the dimensions of the box being processed. This station eliminates the manual stapling or gluing process.

This system includes an alignment system on the operator side and 2 adjustable alignment and clamping systems to facilitate the positioning and guarantee the stability of the box before the PANOTEC gluing process.

Particularly suitable for the following sectors:
– Commerce and logistics (special sizes)
– Furniture




  • FLEXOGLUER is particularly ideal for gluing medium-sized and large boxes with hot melt glue.

  • FLEXOGLUER is equipped with a work table, an alignment limit point on the operator side and two adjustable alignment units for easy and stable positioning during the gluing process.

  • FLEXOGLUER is positioned at the carton outfeed of the Panotec packaging machines, which allows for an uninterrupted work flow.


Box gluing machine


– Types of boxes: medium and large boxes

– Thickness of cardboard: from 3 to 7 mm
-Machine power supply: compressed air 6 bar
-Power supply 400V – 50Hz – 3P+G N European