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With all this range of Teowin programs we offer a CUSTOM CATALOG.

Our experts will be able to create your own catalog with the full range of items that your company has or manufactures, thus facilitating the entire management process that your company performs. The creation of the catalog is fundamental for the line of management since from there begins the whole evolutionary process of any furniture company.





The creation of the Catalog is totally PERSONALIZED AND RESERVED.

After contracting this service our steps will be as follows;

1º- We go to the client’s facilities so that our professionals can study and evaluate how they carry out their complete line of work, that is to say, from the budget to the manufacturing, passing through the calculation of needs to the different typologies that the entity has.

2º-When our experts have already an exhaustive report of the same one they will make a draft of planning with the client and they will consider and analyze how to realize the Personalized Catalogue.

3º -All the Information of the Catalog will be done together with the client since at the end of the process of the Personalized Catalog with KEY IN HAND, they will have to acquire all that information to follow that line of management, being able to change it, to modify it or to adapt it to the new necessities that will arise.

4º – Achieving that the Company is totally Autonomous.