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Machine that combines technology and economy, highlighting its ease of use and reliability.

Particularly ideal for

– small and medium-sized companies
– medium-low productivity requirements
– more than 2 cartons per minute
– for production of small batches or in flexibility (batch 1)




  • NEW COMPACK has one transverse unit and up to 12 longitudinal units. Each of them can be equipped with different tools and are set up automatically.

  • Transversal unit Standard creasing groove cutting and Longitudinal unit Standard creasing pressure cutting

  • The control panel of the NEW COMPACK is located on a swivel arm with a swivel angle of 180° which allows the user to operate the control panel and the machine functions at the same time. The computer includes an industrial PC suitable for use in workplaces subject to temperature variability, humidity, dust and other corrosive components.

  • NEW COMPACK has 3 versions of feeding systems and with the use of the Compack automatic selector it chooses the most suitable cardboard module and thus optimizes its consumption.

  • Simple; The machine works with a single cardboard sheet (F), with a single continuous cardboard module (1CL) or with both. Carton dimensions: max. 2500mm, min. 480mm.

  • Multiple: 2 different side by side fanfold modules, with this configuration it is possible to use 2 or 3 side by side (SbS) carton modules.

  • Automatic carton selector (2 to 4 levels) Compack can be equipped with 2 (2CL) to 4 (4CL) positions for carton storage. It is possible to store in each position 2 fanfold modules side by side (SbS) and thus double the available number of modules (max 8).

NEW COMPACK máquina productora de cajas a medida


Working width 2.5

Productivity type; medium

Types of cartons ideal for cartons; single

Carton feeding speed; 40m / min

Single carton feeding; Fanfold/ sheets

Carton magazine feeding; up to 4 fanfold modules

Number of longitudinal units; from 1 to 12

Creasing; standard

Management of cardboard scraps extraction; not available

Cardboard thickness, 2 mm to 7 mm

Minimum length; open box produced 420 mm

Power; 3-4 kW

Power supply; 400V / 50Hz (European) – 480V / 60Hz (USA)

Compressed air; min 6-7 bar

Software; Boxlink

Hardware; B&R

BoxDesigner™ software not available <B