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Compact size with high performance. Ideal for companies with the need to produce small and medium size boxes, also with extreme dimensional variability.




  • New Midi is Panotec’s solution for the specific requirement of large volumes and limited space. Ideal for companies with the need to produce small and medium sized boxes, even with extreme dimensional variability.

  • Particularly ideal for:
    – small and medium-sized companies
    – medium productivity requirements
    – more than 4 cartons per minute
    – for small batch production or in flexibility (batch 1)
Robust, tailor-made packaging for each product

The cartons produced by a Panotec machine are tailor-made: they are manufactured to perfectly fit the product.


Working width 1.4 mt

Average productivity type

Boxes / min more than 4 boxes / min

Boxes / day (batch 1) 500 – 1000 gg

Cartons / day (in batches) 1000 – 1500 gg

Carton types particularly ideal for small or long narrow cartons

Carton feed speed 40m / min

Single carton feeding Fanfold/ sheets

Carton magazine feeding not available

Number of longitudinal units from 1 to 12

Standard creasing / with perforation

Management of cardboard scraps not available

Cardboard thickness from 2 mm to 7 mm

Minimum length of open box produced 380 mm

Power 4 kVa

Power supply 400V / 50Hz (European) – 480V / 60Hz (USA)

Compressed air min 6 bar (max consumption 117 Nl/min)

Boxlink Pro Light software

BoxDesigner™ software Available