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It is a high-definition printing system for the external surface of the box.




POD (Print on demand) is a modular system that allows to print in high definition the external surface of the box (images, logos, writings, symbols, bar codes, etc.).

It is perfectly integrated with a machine for the production of boxes: therefore the customer can produce and simultaneously print in high definition boxes with extreme dimensional variability, without the need to divide the production cycle into several phases.

POD – Automatic, high-definition printing system for carton boxes

High resolution printing of the outer surface of the box.


Automatic head cleaning Not available
Unit set-up speed up to 300 mm/s
Image length max. 3000mm
Printable box surface 390 mm not printable on box glue
Compatible packaging machines Compack, Midi, Evo, Nextpro
Number of axes 1 – 2
Number of printing units up to 2 for each cross axis (max 4 in total for one station)
Width of print heads 70 / 140 / 210 / 280 / 280 mm
Print definition 180 dpi
Oil-based ink type, with fast drying time
Standard color: Black
Optional: Other colors
Print management The same printing unit can make multiple images by automatically repositioning itself at the end of each print.