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TEOWIN DESIGN is an exclusive design program where projects are made directly in 3D in real time, creating presentation and finding out costs. It is an ideal 3D software because we can project interior environments in a simpler and more intuitive way having a more real vision of the space.

With this program your products acquire greater value as they will be presented from a virtual catalog, interactive and with photo-realistic renderings and in motion (panoramic photographs, project manager, virtual navigation). The results will be spectacular with high quality 360º panoramic images, presentation videos, interactive 3D spaces on-line.

One of the advantages is that each project will be carried out hand in hand with the client, he will be an important part in the realization of the design because with this program he will participate 100% and in a very direct way. Together you will be able to give the best solution to the distribution, materials, colors and every detail that will be generated.

Teowin Design has multiple automatic functions where you can create projects quickly and efficiently. It allows in a simpler way the distribution of furniture and facilitates the most suitable decoration of the environment. The program offers a large library where you will find all kinds of lighting and decoration elements; furniture, textures, and objects so that you can work immediately after installation. All this information can also be expanded as there are several specific editors that allow you to add any new element you need, you can also import DXF or 3D objects.

With this design program you will automatically value your projects and you will be able to present it in a personalized way with all the documentation that has to be delivered to the client. It is also a basic software module for point-of-sale stores, it can be completed with other modules such as Invoicing, Customer Management, Collections and Payments, CRM, etc.




  • TEOWIN DESIGN You can generate all the material you need to sell more. Show your client how his kitchen will look like at the moment.

  • 3D kitchen projects in less time, better results.

  • You have R Teo 360º , an app available for iPad where you can present work to your customers in a very practical and great way.

  • Commercial Management; automates the creation of invoices to customers. Make delivery notes, receipts, credit memos.

  • Accounting and finance; also transfers all the information generated by invoicing customers or suppliers or financial accounting management.
    It has photorealistic renders and videos, calculates budgets, on-line presentations.