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Teowin Manufacturing

It is the most perfect and prepared software for furniture manufacturing.

It designs your furniture as active objects where you can add as many parameters as necessary, being able to consider all the changing possibilities that may exist, such as measurements, colors and handles.

Once the furniture has been planned, Teowin Manufacturing processes all the necessary information about the furniture, such as all its commercial and technical characteristics (planimetry, renderings, exploded views, price list, etc.).

Teowin Fabricación incorporates an optimization system where, when the order is entered, it automatically calculates all the material to be used and the work to be done for production. It also generates all the reports needed to coordinate the work of the operators (cutting, edging, machining, assembly, etc.).

Teowin Manufacturing generates connection programs to the machines you have, such as Sectioning Machines, CNC, Edging Machines, etc., automating your work by sending you the information you need to perform your tasks.

With Teowin Manufacturing you can also calculate the real costs involved in the manufacture of furniture, for this calculation the program takes into account the raw material, labor and other external causes that may increase the value of the product.

The Commercial Management is another module that incorporates the program that consists of facilitating the work of invoicing to the client and control of suppliers. It can also manage the calculation of needs and thus obtain a purchase forecast.

Teowin Manufacturing is a necessary software module for the factory where it can be complemented with other management modules.




  • For FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS AND CARPENTRY WORKSHOPS; with this software you can design, calculate furniture parts, and optimize materials.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS; You control both the input and output of material and you can manage the other sectors of the factory.
  • A POWERFUL GRAPHIC ENGINE; You can project multiple variable furniture.