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TEOWIN ERP designs your furniture as a dynamic object to which you can add different variants (colors, cut-outs, measurements, etc.) and also creates all the technical and commercial documentation needed to define the product.

With TEOWIN ERP, there are two ways of placing orders: one is automatic, by importing projects from Teowin Design, and the other is manual, with a specific wizard to speed up this function.

When orders are entered, TEOWIN ERP automatically calculates the state of the material and schedules the work required to produce it. It also generates all the necessary reports for the various areas, and automates all other manufacturing processes (cutting, machining, assembly, etc.).

One of the most remarkable aspects of Teowin ERP is its ability to generate all the information needed to control a furniture factory. It manages the entry and exit of personnel and markings in the factory, making it possible to evaluate the performance of workers and the efficiency of the system in place. It is also necessary to know whether agreed delivery deadlines are being met for orders in hand or for production.

This software keeps track of the materials involved in the production of the furniture. This is very important to know at all times what is needed and in what ways it can be found. Teowin ERP stock management classifies all the materials and provides all the information with lists. It also helps us to control the truck load in the output of the finished product.

Another of its features is Sales Management. Its most important mission is to manage everything related to customers and suppliers. For example, one of its functions is to control the quality of the material received and to process the rejections. It can also be done with the calculation of purchasing needs by automatically generating orders to suppliers according to the manufacturing and stock criteria applied in the factory. And it can perform a statistical summary of the results achieved.

Teowin ERP also adds other modules necessary to fully manage an entire factory, such as Project Design, Outsourcing Management, Construction Management, CRM, Finance and Accounting.




  • TEOWIN ERP is a perfect solution for furniture factories. This software performs the design, management, control and planning in a single use. It is undoubtedly the most complete and specialized software on the market, where you can direct all the information between all the departments of the factory and thus manage in a simpler way all the tasks to be performed.

  • TEOWIN ERP is the continuation of Teowin Manufacturing since it offers broader requirements with new functions where it plans the work giving greater control to the results.

  • In the same way that Teowin Manufacturing this software has a very powerful graphic engine where you can project furniture with different variables giving a more independent image to be automatically cut and machined.

  • We can say that thanks to this unique and singular product engineering, Teowin ERP calculates much of the information feeding the rest of the management line of the entity.