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PANOTEC, the market leader in PACKAGING ON DEMAND

Panotec is the first patent and the first machine for the production of custom boxes.
Panotec works with a know-how that represents the spirit of Italian engineering and is renowned all over the world for its precision mechanics and very high performance.

Packaging is a fundamental element in the logistics of any company, since it allows to protect products during transport and storage, as well as to give an image of quality and professionalism to the customer. However, choosing the right type of packaging can be a challenge, especially when dealing with products of different sizes and shapes. In this regard, Panotec™ offers an innovative solution: on-demand packaging machines, which allow you to produce customized boxes in real time.

PANOTEC, a leading company in customized packaging machines

Packaging machines

PANOTEC’s packaging machines are capable of producing customized cardboard boxes for packaging products. Products can be packed in a single carton or in several cartons together.
Different box sizes can be created depending on the actual size of the products and when they are needed.

The wide range of machines available satisfies different requirements and highlights in every detail and in every option the mechanical excellence that is the hallmark of PANOTEC.
State-of-the-art technology and high quality components guarantee reliability and long life and reduce service requirements to a minimum.


The technological evolution of customized packaging


The new generation of innovation


Compact size with high performance


Quality technology for on-demand packaging


The packaging revolution

OPERA packaging line

A packaging line is a set of automatic stations that carry out all the product packaging activities: from the dimensional study of the objects and the production of the corresponding box, to the box-product coupling, gluing and closing of the package.

Glued and closed

Simple, fast and flexible systems, which are perfectly integrated in the on-demand packaging process thanks to the fact that they communicate with the Panotec packaging machines and give immediate answers to the multiple requirements of different formats.


Gluing of small and medium sized American boxes


Gluing of medium and large boxes


Automatic closing and gluing systems


Panotec, a leader in the area of research and development, has crossed a new boundary by implementing the world’s first system capable of defying the laws of gravity!
The new patented Print on Demand is a unique feature on the market and can be used exclusively with Panotec machines.
It prints from the bottom up and allows the creation of different imprints on the outer surface of the box.


High resolution printing of the outer surface of the box


High-definition printing of the outer surface of the box


Panotec is able to offer tailor-made solutions thanks to its customer-oriented approach and that is why we create integrated measuring stations, lines and workstations able to detect the exact dimensions of the products, thus triggering the correct work cycle.


Automatic measurement


Manual measurement



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